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Flower Bell
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Prom Flowers



FlowerBell creates corsages with elegance, creative designs and for her to treasure this special moment be it at the Weddings, Proms, Events (Junior Achievements, Father-Daughter Dance), Military Ball, Graduations, Night Out of Town, Birthday, Anniversary. Each Corsage is unique with accents and ribbons to match her with elegant gown, dress or attire.  Please call 775-470-8585     


     The tradition of wearing boutonneires goes to every gentlemen who attends that special function - Weddings, Proms, Events, Dance Ball. We have created boutonnieres fresh from the bloom. We custom create to fit the occasions. Please call us at (775) 762-7460. 

Hairpieces & Handheld Bouquets

     Take your wedding, events, prom, celebrations or graduation with style up a notch with a matching floral hairpiece to match your corsage. From classic roses, to funkyfeathers, let Flower Bell create something specifically for you including hand held arrangements for Graduations, Special Events, Beauty Pageants . Call us at 775-762-7460 to add that special touch.


          Prom Flowers On Sale.. for Reno Sparks High Schools. Elegant Corsages and Boutonnieres. Please share with family & friends. Each arrangement is unique and custom created for each individual. Call to Order 775-470-8585